Why choose coaching?

Our coaching relationship will allow you to determine what success looks like for you. This can be for you personally, professionally and as a part of your business or organisation. My coaching will support your ambition to combine how you can perform to your maximum potential, whilst recognising that your true success is based on a balanced life and personal wellbeing.

Why not book a free discovery call or live-chat with me?

You can live-chat with me using the icon at the bottom right of each page on this website and discuss more about your next steps and how coaching can really benefit you or if you wish to arrange a free telephone consultation then you can again use live-chat or the contact me details from the menu.

Coaching is for you and it represents something that we don’t often do, invest in ourselves, back ourselves and create a clear plan to achieve all of our ambitions in our professional and personal lives. Coaching can be a part of your development and of your wellbeing, back yourself and get in touch, you have nothing to lose.

Focus on areas specific to your needs and ambition

Coaching can develop you in so many ways – from improving your self-confidence, to making stronger and better decisions, to improving your professional relationships and communication skills through to exploring your overall drive and motivation. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can have a considerable impact on your levels of success and your life happiness.

Being your better self

As your coach I will empower and support you to get from where you are now to where you want to be. For us to truly succeed we will explore what is important to you and in so doing I will understand your priorities and what you really want to achieve.  I am 100% committed to your success and will help you in setting and achieving your ambitious goals, to learn and be empowered to make decisions and choices that will move you forward with confidence.

Career Transition?

I specialise in career transition and promotion coaching to support you in maximising your potential. This is particularly important if you are transitioning careers, employers or preparing for new challenges beyond your current career. I have many years’ experience of leading large organisations within public services with a focus on high performance achievement and the management of organisational change and I am adept at translating that leadership experience in your work to maximise your potential.


Our coaching relationship is based on confidentiality which is essential to building trust to achieve your goals throughout the work that we do.  You have discretion to share feedback assessments, the content of coaching conversations and any other information from the coaching process. I encourage you to share your experiences with others so that they themselves may think about the positive benefits of professional coaching. I also encourage you to be open with your sponsor regarding progress from your coaching if they are a part of our coaching contract. I will also, when appropriate and with your agreement, suggest conversations between you and your sponsor or other parties to assess progress and identify any necessary supportive next steps.

A difficult ride worth the effort

Coaching is a journey of discovery and may not always be a smooth ride; our coaching will lead you to be honest with yourself as you consider where you are and where you want to be but with hard work and focus it will be richly rewarding. You will be challenged to constantly expand your comfort zone and to find the courage to change or take the action that will move you forward. Coaching is engaging, supportive and inspiring and you will take great delight in witnessing success far beyond what you dared believe was possible. I will be seeking feedback from you also; this is to make the coaching sessions a good fit for your needs but also so that I continue to learn from every coaching experience too. You can find more about me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Justin Srivastava
Justin Srivastava
I have been working with Mark at Applebright for a number of years, He is an excellent coach and mentor with vast amount of corporate expertise and knowledge. He is patient, compassionate, empathetic with high levels of emotional intelligence. He regularly challenges my thinking and decision making but always in a positive way.
Helen Christmas
Helen Christmas
I worked with Mark to prepare for a particular transition point in my career, and continue to see the benefits over a year later. Our conversations had a really good balance of support, encouragement and challenge which enabled me to develop and grow. I'd have no hesitation in recommending Mark to others.
Tom Cooledge
Tom Cooledge
Mark had a profound affect on my mindset from our very first meeting. Not necessarily knowing what to expect, I was engaged right from the beginning and found it easy to articulate my situation, with Mark's coaching, and make meaningful progress early on. I'm always impressed by his insight and his empathy, as well as his reference points in philosophy, expert thinking, his own life experience and what drives us, as people. His approach is intelligent and delivers the truths that are helping me undo some of the knots I've found myself in for most of my working life. I've never been so in tune with my skill set and potential, which leaves me excited for my future. I'd recommend business coaching to anyone as a result, but specifically with Mark.
Kerry York
Kerry York
I emailed Mark for career coaching or the possibility of pursuing a career in life coaching , within hours Mark messaged to see if I wanted a free phone call to help or advise. When spoke to Mark he was very informative and so helpful and just a general all round nice person I felt I could speak too , Mark went out of his way to advise me on my next steps In my career so he would be highly recommended from me!