My coaching style

I specialise in supporting you to find solutions and build on your strengths either via a one to one or at a senior leadership level to focus high performance delivery within your team. I am flexible to you or your organisation by offering a mix of face-to-face meetings, telephone and online coaching sessions that can be booked individually or from options within a coaching package. I will ensure that your coaching experience with me will allow you to know yourself better, to see other people more clearly and to respond to your professional and life changes differently and with a new insight.

My coaching will combine how the professional you can perform to your maximum potential and recognise that success is based on a balanced life and personal wellbeing.
My coaching emphasises the principle of personal empowerment by enabling your independent learning, personal reflection, growth and commitment to a development approach that will result in improved performance in all areas of your life. So whether you’re at a personal or professional crossroad in life or wishing to focus on a specific area you will find that working with me and enjoying my unswerving commitment to you will ensure that your aims and your ambitions will be achieved through your focus, clarity, and motivation.

I am very conscious that coaching may need to be face to face but I am flexible as to how we achieve this. My coaching will recognise our impact on the planet and for each coaching contract with Applebright coaching I will fund the planting of a new tree in the UK, some of which will be within the new Northern Forest. Other environmentally friendly policies of Applebright coaching include wherever possible paper-free working and if paper has been used the recycling of any paper and other products.

Tom Cooledge
Tom Cooledge
Mark had a profound affect on my mindset from our very first meeting. Not necessarily knowing what to expect, I was engaged right from the beginning and found it easy to articulate my situation, with Mark's coaching, and make meaningful progress early on. I'm always impressed by his insight and his empathy, as well as his reference points in philosophy, expert thinking, his own life experience and what drives us, as people. His approach is intelligent and delivers the truths that are helping me undo some of the knots I've found myself in for most of my working life. I've never been so in tune with my skill set and potential, which leaves me excited for my future. I'd recommend business coaching to anyone as a result, but specifically with Mark.
Kerry York
Kerry York
I emailed Mark for career coaching or the possibility of pursuing a career in life coaching , within hours Mark messaged to see if I wanted a free phone call to help or advise. When spoke to Mark he was very informative and so helpful and just a general all round nice person I felt I could speak too , Mark went out of his way to advise me on my next steps In my career so he would be highly recommended from me!
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