Career and worklife coaching

A worklife balance that blends your best you professionally and allows for your personal fitness and wellbeing

‘Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life’

I specialise in a blend of coaching that focuses on achieving balanced professional performance whilst considering how you enjoy life to the full and keep your focus on all that matters to you.

This coaching will let you evaluate where you are in your career, how you aim to perform whilst understanding the root cause of your work life balance. Our coaching will support you to identify what has prevented you from achieving lasting changes to your work life balance and help you work out how to make changes that leave you feeling in control of your professional and personal life.

We all have areas in our lives where we would like to be the best version of ourselves and achieve the best possible results; where we have the courage to face challenges and the ability and motivation to deal with any obstacles that may otherwise hold us back. Career and work life coaching will allow you to achieve those results.

Benefits of career and work life coaching

  • Delve into how you currently manage work life and then support you to make any changes
  • Re-prioritising and feel satisfied and resolute about those decisions
  • Maximising personal self-confidence as you choose and own that new plan
  • Deliver improving performance in your current job
  • Build confidence and skills when returning to work, changing work hours or potentially considering career change through retirement and wishing to embrace new opportunities
  • Equip you to employ personal wellbeing practices for a healthy future
  • Making successful applications for new roles or promotions
  • Understanding how to maximise opportunities in assessment centres and interviews
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