Team coaching

Team coaching creates a sharp focus on what the stakeholders or customers of the organisation need and improves the whole team rather then focusing on coaching each individual of the team. This is the true way to success for your team. Team coaching has long established benefits:

92% expect to see client performance improvement
80% lead to tangible business benefits
92% lead to increasing self-awareness in the client
91% conclude that there is an improvement in leadership ability of the client (Ridler Report 2018)

I offer three broad strands of coaching for team contracts and each contract will necessitate individual contract negotiation.

£ 150 per month

Team coaching for new businesses

This programme is designed as an introduction to team coaching in your new business or to support your business change. It is recommended for ambitious and motivated businesses who really want to get moving towards success, create effective change and feel that they will benefit from the structured support and direction of coaching. It includes:

· A one hour coaching session per week via phone or online

· Unlimited access to problem solving coaching clinics with Applebright Coaching

· It will require a minimum of an hour weekly in preparation for the core coaching session.

Sapphire team coaching programme

£ 400 per month

This programme is designed for you if your organisation employs at least several members of staff and has strong prospects for high service delivery and growth. It includes:

· A 90 minute coaching session online/ in person every week

· Every 90 days a focused planning session to drive you and your team through your strategic plan on a page

· A full evaluation of performance to objectives

· Requires an average 2-3 hours per week of your participation in remote working to support weekly coaching

£ 650 per month

Diamond team coaching programme

This programme is ideal for your organisation employing larger teams for those that are looking to progress their business model and to increase services or profits to specific levels. It includes:

· A 90 minute team based face to face coaching session every week or one to one team member coaching sessions by agreement

· An evaluation and future focused planning session to drive through your strategic plan

· A full health evaluation of progress to aims and objectives, including full performance assessment

· Requires an average 2-3 hours per week of your participation

Applebright Coaching ProgrammesMonthly Investment
Team coaching for new businesses                            £150
Sapphire team coaching programme                           £400
Diamond team coaching programme                             £650
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