Executive coaching

Executive Coaching – what is it and what can you expect?

Executive coaching encapsulates leadership coaching as it is directed to you the individual and my focus is on you, your skills and your approach with the aim of maximising your potential to achieve personal goals and those of your team or organisation.

Benefits of executive coaching

  • Make you an even more inspiring leader
  • Become a better team manager
  • Become a more effective communicator
  • Become a more confident strategic planner
  • Be a better stress and time manager
  • Be better able to juggle competing commitments
  • Enable you to plot a course through career transition in your role
  • Support you in change management across your organisation
  • Enable you to introduce greater innovation
  • Encourage greater self-awareness
  • Develop methods of effect obtaining feedback and encouraging organisational feedback
  • Understand and drive the achievement of goals and eliminating barriers
  • Create empowerment and personal development amongst executives and other employees
  • Improve the quality of your decision making

Who will benefit from executive coaching?

For you in one to one coaching sessions – I will ensure that your executive coaching experience with me is highly personalised for you whether you’re in a senior leadership position or a future leaders. Either as an independent programme or blended as part of a board or a senior team initiative, I create a confidential space for you to try out new ideas and explore your ambition.

Career and new life transition – My one to one coaching will be particularly beneficial if you are exploring a career transition. I will support you to navigate your path successfully and reach your full potential. This might include those leaving the workplace to explore the next stage of their lives.

For your board and senior leadership team – Senior leaders who recognise the importance of continuous improvement are ambitious for themselves and their teams. I will help those leaders to embrace change and improvement across themselves, their teams and the organisation to increase effectiveness and performance.

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