Disruption UK is not OK

Fighting Back…

Uncertain times for all…

Fighting Back…

The last two and a half years has seen huge disruption to us all as individuals, both professionally and personally but also to businesses. This disruption has ranged from reeling at change resulting from the pandemic, to assessing a global economic crisis created by booming oil prices and conflict in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion. Now the time has come to grapple with a new way forward, to fight back and to make the very most of the opportunities and challenges ahead. So why is now the right time to invest in coaching in you or your business? Read on…

Take time to reflect and invest in yourself

All Affected Somehow!

How are you affected by these uncertain times? In one way or another all our plans have been affected by the last two years and what might be yet to come in a deeper recession. There is no doubt that some groups have been disproportionately affected more. Women are estimated to have suffered career damage up to 80% more than their male counterparts due to increased caring responsibilities that have fallen on their shoulders and may still be enduring as working from home often involves a much trickier family balance.

What can make up the lost ground? How can employers keep women in key roles and develop them to such roles?

Executive and business coaching is an essential investment by our organisations in their people and their talent, it demonstrates confidence in people and of all interventions, coaching has a proven track record of succeeding and demonstrating the highest results for the best return on investment. McKinsey research in the USA also shows the same disproportionate impact of this time on female entrepreneurs and business coaching offers some ability to create a plan for the next three years to stabilise and create personal growth and growth in the business.

New normal does not have to be ‘same old, same old’!

Why Wait? Act Now! Coach to adapt!

Some may think that coaching is something to do in a few months when more normal ways of working may have returned and the economy might have settled but in fact coaching is vital for now because coaching tackles the impact of unprecedented and unexpected change on individuals and a high quality professional coach will also understand how to deal with the presence of trauma for clients. Now is the time to restoke the fires of careers and professional development conversations. Coaching supports leaders and ambitious aspiring employees to adapt, to develop and to become a part of the ‘Great Reshuffle’ rather than ‘Great Resignation’.

‘Now is the time to restoke the fires of careers’

Coaching provides the way to be on the front foot and to make the most of the opportunities ahead and to exploit and maximise changed ways of working. In this way individual leaders can hit the ground running and drive success through an active career plan with a coach to maximise strengths and to set and support progressive goals.

People Get Results

The Strengths of Coaching

Coaching creates the opportunity to reflect and make the most of strengths!

It is so important to truly step off the merry-go-round of busyness and to treat ourselves to reflection and to development time. Though diaries may be chaotic or for some they may be clearer, either way this is a unique and priceless time to develop as a leader, block out time to book a coaching session in which coaching can identify a defining successful outcome for the next 12 months and how to make the most of all the current opportunities through maximising our strengths. This may range from development opportunities as an individual or leading transformation within teams or the organisation as a whole.

Taking time for yourself in coaching, back yourself!

Coaching drives objective planning and tangibly delivers results!

Now is the time to come to difficult decisions on the way forward, to take stock and to create a plan to achieve goals.  This is opportunity time as the working world may never truly be the same again. How to take time out to develop and make the most of  current circumstances to balance achieving ambitions? Now is the time to spend time thinking more about your wellbeing and being the best version of you so that you identify and take the opportunities before you. It is possible to take the best elements of what has changed to become happier and more effective through coaching.

Coaching encourages objectivity and challenges bias

As you use some of the space created by coaching and take a step back, coaching will enable you through challenging conversations and a focus on results to think through exactly where you are now and what you need to do to reach where you want to be. A coach provides a neutral sounding board and the objectivity to talk through what are the blockers to your progress and how to navigate them and to do so in a completely transparent and open way within a confidential process. Coaching offers no judgement but it does create challenge, mostly the ability to challenge yourself, to consider how you can best learn from experience to move forward. This will create guiding principles for your next 12 months and a new and clearly defined empowering belief in yourself.

Impossible is nothing

Muhammad Ali
Take your opportunities

Coaching provides structure and accountability

Coaching will creates the truest form of accountability, by holding a mirror up to yourself, you become truly accountable. Your coach uses a range of tools to support this but one of the most powerful is your annual plan on page and the accountability that you have to achieve your monthly goals that create the success that you seek in all of the key themes of your life right now. Your coach supports you in dealing with situations and creates the impetus to deal with obstacles and move forward faster, unimpeded. Coaching helps you to see issues very differently and you will proactively develop and deliver and be truly accountable for the changes you make.


New Level Results Coaching and The Curve Software

I am also an associate coach of New Level Results and we are one of the only coaches organisations where you can see and track transformational results and the return on investment in coaching using award winning software called ‘The Curve’. Using this software and results based coaching methodology creates a tangible and measurable plan to enable you to achieve far beyond your ambitions and to face challenges that you might never have dreamed possible. A coxless team of four women were coached using this methodology by New Level Results coaches to become world beaters and to be the first to row across the Pacific Ocean from California to Australia.

Book a discovery call to access a free coaching consultation with me to discover how to achieve your goals in uncertain times. Click on the image below:


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