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A Coaching Workout

For many the new normal of our working lives includes some form of hybrid or remote working. For others who may have continued at work throughout this time or have recently returned fully to work the challenge of finding time to invest in ourselves, to kickstart our careers and maybe also to put into place some of the resolutions we may have made to ourselves about improving our wellbeing remains a constant challenge.

Coaching will give you that vital kickstart in your career and your wellbeing but how do you find time for it and is it affordable? In order to be completely flexible for my clients who may only be able to find an hour early in the morning, at lunch time, in the evening or over a weekend I have developed a series of online coaching sessions at £50 per session on specific subjects that are designed to fit neatly into a compressed one hour session. They can be selected individually or as a series.

Coaching and worklife balance

Weighing up the future

For many of us the last two years have meant that we have considered what we want from our personal as well as our professional lives. The question of worklife balance has been a constant feature so that greater balance and happiness can be realised. But for many even the term ‘worklife’ has been challenged and a more accurate sentiment moving forward is ‘lifework’ balance. The difference is small but subtle in that it reflects not just the time that we prefer to spend but also the notion that we ‘work to live’ rather than ‘live to work’.

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list

Michelle Obama

The tools for work and life

The ‘great resignation’ effect is causing many people to look for changed career prospects and for diversification in their current role. This calls for leaders to clearly demonstrate their commitment to their staff and to invest in them. This also links to the stresses and strains that have been created by the pandemic. There has been a growth in mental health difficulties and this has been met by an increased expectation amongst employees that their wellbeing and mental health needs will be addressed through an employer that sees the value in a happy and healthy workforce.

These pressures mean that investment in wellbeing support services, in increased training and in coaching and mentoring are vital to keep the commitment of our staff and also to develop them even further through a skills based investment. There is a direct link between this type of investment, individual happiness, performance, productivity and profitability. This coaching series offers affordable bite size development on aspects of individual and leadership based activities and can be considered by individuals or by organisations more widely for their staff.

Personal Development Coaching

In order to gain the edge we sometimes just need that extra help and finetuning that coaching can provide. Coaching is very much about drawing on strengths and learning how to capitalise on them, it can help to identify ‘blockages’ for you such as assertiveness, creativity, working to your values and the art of negotiating and influencing. These sessions are self contained but of course they can be a starter toward a more complete coaching experience in which a plan is created with goals mapping out the next 12 months.

Coaching these subjects radically shift you toward the new you!

Leadership Masterclass

This series of one hour coaching sessions create pointers and further self-development to consider to become a more rounded leader equipped to meet the challenges being posed in these times of uncertainty. Being able to grow self awareness and to truly appreciate your leadership style and traits is a vital part of leading with empathy and being able to be the leader to your people that you aim to be. The masterclasses also support you in passing these messages on and can equip you to run such development and awareness sessions within your teams.

These sessions also target the assets that good leaders should possess to better support their people through the continued pressures of remote working and to be confident to understand the theory of change and how it affects us all as individuals in uniquely different ways. Nuancing our leadership skills is hard work, coaching is hard work and if you enjoy a challenge then why not try one or more of these online sessions.

Each online session costs just £50 or £120 for three booked as a course
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